A. Creative Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility, investment, and capital aid for industry cluster in:

  1. Introducing featured products of small and medium industry in Surakarta and expanding marketing network either locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally to compete in global market.
  2. Improving the ability and skill of small and medium industry in Surakarta so that it excels on creative side, productivity, marketing, and management.
  3. Improving the standard of products of small and medium industries that are under obligation to comply with Indonesian National Standard (SNI), improving on their compliance with ISO Management System Standard, and improving on their product quality with packaging and labeling.
  4. Improving the competence of human resources in small and medium industries as needed.
  5. Providing opportunities for people to develop on potentials in transmigration area so that they can improve on their well-beings and those around them by tapping on local potentials.

B. Agriculture and Fisheries

Partnering on fish market management, agricultural products purchase, and storage and distribution spot lease.


C. Investments

Partnering on investments in product exchange for small and medium industries, Solo Zoo (Taman Satwa Taru Jurug), Balekambang Fish Market, gas station, Pedaringan transportation and warehousing area, and Solo Techno Park

D. Market

Partnering on fishery product exhibitions, fruits and bird cages. Partnering with higher education institutions to develop merchants cultures in discipline and product arrangement.


E. Banking (Solo Bank)
Banking product offerings.