Solo Zoo (Taman Satwa Taru Jurug)

Commercial Area :

Add value to commercial area of around 2 hectares



1. Parking

Improve parking services and provide parking buildings with knock down system

2. Online retributions

  1. Online retribution payment system
  2. Collecting officer training
  3. Socializing online vehicle testing service

3. Joint ducting for optical fiber network


Public transportation

  1. Providing transportation infrastructures and facilities
  2. Utilization of infrastructures and facilities or inventory
  3. Public transportation management, maintenance, and operational


Public work and city planning
Partnership on operating Papan Kawruh Tirto (PKT)



  1. Housing (PTLH)
  2. Environment (domestic waste piping network and community septic tank)



  1. City park building
  2. Providing facilities and infrastructure for city park (water tank and lamp maintenance vehicle).
  3. Building support facilities for city park (public toilets and decorative lamps)
  4. Raising public awareness on cleanliness and beauty of city parks (periodical and continuous).
  5. Workshop or training on clean product and waste management.


Local Water Company (PDAM)
Reduce non-revenue water (RNW)