1. Environmental health

Venturing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunity to build community wastewater treatment facility.

2. Conducting PIS-PK (Healthy Indonesia Through Empowering Family)

Improving access to medical services among citizen though medical worker participation in family visits

3. Development of family grown herb garden in district level

Optimizing citizen participation in developing family grown herb garden

4. Nutrition fulfilment

Improve exclusive breastfeeding practices, partnering on health promoting and sickness prevention measures.

Utilizing cross-sectoral participation to promote Towards Healthy Society Movement (Germas) among workers

5. Healthy family survey

Partnering with technical workers to conduct a survey in order to axcelerate total coverage on healthy family survey

6. Community empowerment and health examination

Improve quality of medical services



1. Social empowerment

  1. Empowering, conducting, and fostering bodies which have potential source of social welfare (lkks, lk3)
  2. Empowering, conducting, and fostering local communities and public organizations (tagana, kti, psm)
  3. Improving business entities to channel their corporate social responsibility (csr) to promote social welfare.
  4. Improving welfare and empowering families of national heroes, pioneers, and veterans
  5. Improving parts and functions of National Hero Cemetery Park and National Hero Cemetery

2. Empowering the poor and powerless

Intervention on poverty



Selling/marketing products of groups under household income increasing effort programme (UPPKS)



  1. Environment (supervising and enforcing on litters at interregional borders)
  2. Food trading and health (supervising and preventing unhealthy meats distribution and trading)
  3. Education and social order (supervising students and civil servants to prevent them from skipping class or work).
  4. Public welfare (tackling people with psychotic disorder, beggars, homeless, and the stranded)