1. Lawmaking

Partnering on exercising main duties and functions in improving local legislations and local policies in government administration in order to ensure legal certainty in local government.

2. Legislation review

3. Dissemination of local legislations

Technology (Solo Techno Park)

1. Human Resource Development

Trainings, seminars, and workshops to improve the quality of our human resource.

2. Research and Development

Investments, area and facility utilization to incentivise research on science and technology.

3. Post research commercialization

Partnering to promote results of the research and technological advancement achieved by Solo Techno Park.


Archives and Library

1. Archives

Improving on archive management in accordance with standards and qualifications

2. Library

Growing visitor count as a reading interest indicator.



1. Improving on quality and competency of educators and teaching and learning process.

Improving on teachers competency on teaching process.

2. Cashless educational aid for surakarta citizen (BPMKS)

Improving on accountability and transaction convenience

3. Educational aid for Surakarta citizen and office supplies vendor

Transaction convenience and RTF delivery

4. Online school admission (PPDB)

Provide softwares and mapping


RTP Online Application

1. Easily deliver RTP

Improving accuracy and convenience in delivering RTP